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‘AI Lion’ 2024

‘AI Lion’ 2024

Designed and created by AI then hand pressed into moulds. These AI Lions are made with pugmill; a clay made from recycled scraps, leftovers and 'failures' of different artists works.

The clay is then slip decorated and hand painted with pure cobalt.

This series of lions has been made as part of the AI series - a question of AI and creativity, and where it stands in design and manufacture of English craft and trade; referencing The V&A Museum's English slipware collection & 'Empireland' by Sathnam Sanghera; conversations in history.

They explore ideas in AI design and mass manufacturing techniques with references to a bygone regency industrial era of power and mass production. The works appear to be unrefined and falling, unapologetically handmade; questioning the machine and mass production but also made using a cast for making multiples. It’s a contradiction. 

The work forms sculptures unpicking utilitarian forms; a question for the time we live in.

Ceramic Stoneware

40 x 30 cm

Decal, underglaze, press mould & sprig


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