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‘AI Lion’ 2024

‘AI Lion’ 2024

Designed and created by AI then hand pressed into moulds. These AI Lions are made with 'pugmill' a clay made from scraps, leftovers and 'failures' of four different clays collected from across the globe then pressed and mixed through a huge machine.

Slip decorated and hand painted with pure cobalt.

This series of lions has been made as part of the AI series - a question of AI and creativity, and where it stands in design and manufacture of English craft and trade; Research V&A Museum English slipware & 'Empireland' by Sathnam Sanghera; conversations in history.

They explore ideas in AI design and mass manufacturing techniques with references to a bygone regency industrial era of power and mass production. The works appear to be unrefined and falling, unapologetically handmade; questioning the machine and mass production but also made using a cast for making multiples. It’s a contradiction. 

The work forms sculptures unpicking utilitarian forms; a question for the time we live in.

Ceramic Stoneware

30 x 30 cm

Decal, underglaze, press mould & sprig


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