The Intervention Gallery, London 'Evocation of the internet' 2010

The Intervention Gallery, London 'Evocation of the internet' 2010

Ben Youngman & Jon Sack

The Intervention Gallery at the Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, London June 2010 Curated by Kate Keara Pelen

Gallery Launch 18 June 2010 included; Conversation Piece with Sandy Grierson & Tessa Parr.

Sonic Performance: Samantha Taylor.
Sound Oscillatorial & Launch of Straight Line Press.

Dressed as the master of ceremonies priestess I was attached to the 20ft doors that opened from the massive cemetery by elastic lines. I waited outside in the cemetery dressed in black with a large headpeice and white face markings. The main part of the perfornamce was the battle was with the birth of intense analogue sound from a microkorg and the attachment with the doors. The lines were lit by UV light to create a visual of geometric shapes and triangle symbols. After breaking free from the lines with instense throat singing, the last 10 mins were spent in the pulpit above the congregation where the headpiece expanded red glowing material over the floor with long gentle singing across the chapel.

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