G39 Gallery, Wales 'Call and Response' 2015

G39 Gallery, Wales 'Call and Response' 2015

Call and Response [Cardiff] G39 Gallery 2015

Site recordings from within The Welsh Church of Central London, also known as The Welsh Baptist Chapel is a Welsh Baptist church in Eastcastle Street, in the City of Westminster, London, England. The church has bilingual services and a strong musical tradition with a large organ and recitals during the week.

Call and Response [Cardiff] united both sites using sound recordings and memories from the Welsh community in London to Cardiff.

The installation uses a laser microphone that uses light to translate the minute tremors and reverberations of the building into audible sound. The mirrors and smoke machines that are configured so the unheard effects and vibrations in the galleries architecture edits and plays with sounds transmitted along the laser. The movement of the audience also effects the sound by billowing and thickening the smoke as its pushed through the lasers beam. 

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